Welcome to Angle Acres Greenhouse!

Our main business is Wholesale to the trade, but we also offer
a tremendous selection of unusual plant material for Retail        
                                  customers to enjoy.
   Flowering gardens
   Specialty Foliage work
   Exotic plants and cacti
   Hanging Plants
   Our own Holiday Wreaths
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Angle Acres Greenhouse 2007
Angle Acres Greenhouse
2855 Angle Rd
Orchard Park, NY
(716) 674-8754
Basket gardens
We create beautiful miniature gardens in
baskets big and small. Depending on the type
of garden you select, you can keep the basket
in your home year round or you can enjoy your
basket indoors until it's time to move the
plants into the garden outside.

Your garden can be all lush green plants or a
combination of green and blooming plants -
you choose!
Our greenhouses are open to the public ~ you're invited to
take your time and wander the aisles. You'll be surrounded by
all sorts and sizes of foliage, unusual flowering plants, scents,
textures and wonderful colors.
          a true Plant-Lovers Paradise
Striking foliage plants

We create an extensive variety of plants and plant presentations
for gift-giving including: