About Angle Acres Greenhouse

We are a small greenhouse business located just outside of Buffalo,
NY. In our 30 plus years, we have collected many varieties of plants
that we propagate as time allows. As well as carrying a large selection
of Florida-grown material, we also grow cactus, succulents, Amaryllis,
Ferns, and a wide variety of unusual flowering and foliage items.
Angle Acres Greenhouse
2855 Angle Rd
Orchard Park, NY
(716) 674-8754
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Angle Acres Greenhouse 2007

Jumbo sized bulbs produce our fantastic Amaryllis.
This plant had seven flowers on the first spike, five on the second, with two more spikes
coming. From year to year, as bulbs mature, flowers can measure over 8" across.
We have been collecting for many years and
grow a tremendous number of cacti and
succulents, occasionally supplemented by
shipments of unique cacti starters from
California or Florida. We are the only regional
grower of specimen Euphorbia types.